Aleph Objects Prints 500,000th Production Part and Is Featured on How It’s Made

Aleph Objects is the power behind the popular LulzBot line of 3D printers, and has been around for some time. The company’s known for open source projects and making things readily available to customers and users at no cost (other than the price of a printer), but that’s not what’s gaining them headlines right now.

In fact, Aleph Objects just hit a major milestone, with its 500,000th production part 3D printed, as well as a feature on the popular Discovery Channel show, How It’s Made.

A Look at the Company

Aleph Objects is a US company, headquartered in Loveland, Colorado. Founded back in 2011, the firm has made significant inroads into the 3D printing industry with its line of LulzBot 3D printers, accessories and materials.

The newest option on offer is the LulzBot Mini, a micro desktop 3D printer, but the LulzBot TAZ is the company’s most popular offering.

One of the most compelling facts about Aleph Objects is the firm’s dedication to using Libre Innovation, which makes the source code and files for products and designs openly available to anyone. Users can make changes and modifications, tweak designs, or completely reinvent items if they wish, all at no cost.

The Two Milestones

The first and most obvious milestone for Aleph Objects was the significant achievement of printing the company’s 500,000th part. The firm operates a network of 3D printers in house to create parts for their line of printers.

The cluster includes 144 different printers networked together that run 24 hours per day, 5 days per week. The milestone part was an x-end motor mount for the company’s LulzBot Mini, which is a multifunctional part designed to hold the printer’s stepper motor while enabling the print head to move along x/z axes.

Interestingly, users can download the file for the mount and print it on their own printer, allowing them to reduce the costs of maintenance and ensure their printer stays in operation.

According to the company’s president and CEO, Jeff Moe, “To our knowledge, no other company in 3D printing uses their own printers for the production of parts on this scale. We are particularly proud of our achievement in reaching our 500,000th part milestone, as it illustrates the speed and reliability of our LulzBot line of 3D printers.”

The second milestone was directly related to the company’s product quality. Aleph Objects’ LulzBot printers were featured in the April 30th episode of the Discovery Channel’s How It’s Made, a very popular show dedicated to showing how various products are designed and manufactured.

The episode was centered on the 144-printer cluster used in house at Aleph Objects, as well as the how a LulzBot TAZ printer is assembled, calibrated and tested.

All in all, 2015 is off to a very good start for Aleph Objects, and if the company’s history is any guide, there are plenty of good things in store for both the firm and their customers.

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