Enormous Cheetah 3D Printer Debuts – Rocks Large-Scale Prints


At-home 3D printers tend to be pretty small. Desktop models dominate this segment of the industry.

However, one company is looking to change that. The Cheetah 3D printer is massive, and it’s fast to boot.

Of course, it’s much more costly than smaller desktop printers, but the speed and capabilities here might make this a worthwhile investment for hobbyists and small business owners. Larger companies will most certainly be interested, and the price won’t be an obstacle for them.

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Samsung Enters 3D Printing Field (And More)


Samsung is no stranger to innovative technology. The company is responsible for a number of firsts, primarily in the smartphone and tablet arena, but let’s not forget their VR rig and other developments.

Now, the technology giant is taking things further, and announced the launch of an “innovation team” that will focus on 3D printing, as well as VR and robotics.

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Get the Missing Element for Your 3D Printing Efforts


Is 3D printing a pain for you? Tired of trial and error?

Want a simpler way to set your slicer settings? If any of that sounds familiar, the Element might just be the thing for you.

Currently being touted on Kickstarter, the Element is a simple USB device that promises to open up entire new worlds in 3D printing, and to make the whole process simpler and easier.

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3D Printing Set to Revolutionize Pottery Industry


Pottery and ceramics tend to be made by hand. It’s an artistic labor of love.

From major producers to home hobbyists, this is a profession that ensures you really get your hands dirty. That might not be true for much longer if DeltaBots has anything to say about it.

The company has officially launched its 3D PotterBot printer that specifically works with clay.

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3D Printing Enters the Home Cooling Sector


If you think that cooling your home requires access to an air conditioner or a functional HVAC system, you might need to prepare for something slightly different. 3D printing is ushering in some surprising (and surprisingly old) ways to keep your home cool and comfortable.

In fact, a newly created design can actually cool an entire room using an ancient cooling technique. What’s going on here?

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