Autodesk 3D Printer Spark

Autodesk has been working tirelessly to make a bold attempt in pushing 3D technology to a whole new level. It has introduced a software platform known as Spark as well as a 3D printer of their own. This platform will purportedly make 3D printing not only simpler, but also reliable. It aims to give the user more and better control when it comes to model printing.

According to Autodesk, the printer will simply be an accompanying reference product for the software platform, which will set a benchmark in terms of how the 3D printing process should be developed.

The open nature of the platform is, without a doubt, one of the most interesting things about it. Autodesk is willing to give it a go and see Spark replicate the kind of success, in the 3D printing world, that everyone expects. Not only will the software be licensable to all hardware manufacturers, the design of the printer will also be made available to any interested parties, in the hope that it will encourage further experimentation and development.

According to Autodesk, providing this common platform for 3D printers will enable printer manufacturers to focus on their core competency when it comes to designing and producing 3D printers. What’s more, since Spark has the potential to be integrated with multiple design tools and operating systems, it’s hoped that it will increase the ability for millions of people to engage in creating 3D prints from their 2D designs.

Currently, 3D printers solely rely on software formats, making it extremely time-consuming and expensive if failure was to occur. For this reason, Spark has been designed so that it’s able to shorten the path between digital content and hardware by simply facilitating better information exchange between the two. Suggestions and automated fixes to optimize the design will be offered before the actual printing process kicks off. The APIs will also be included with Spark to enable a broad group to access and play a part in innovation of 3D printing pipeline, from crowdfunded startups to materials science companies.

This software platform will mainly focus at hardware manufacturers, product designers, material scientists, and software developers. The printer will basically be able to manipulate a wide range of materials. Autodesk says that they will be working with external manufacturers in order to integrate the Spark platform with their existing printers and those that will come out in the future.

The CEO of Autodesk, Carl Bass, in the company blog said that the world is just beginning to realize the potential of additive manufacturing, which spark will make it possible for many players to incorporate 3D printing into their manufacturing process and design. He continued and explained that the technology will make it possible for everyone to create many things, better, and create others that no one could ever imagine.

Autodesk is well-known for making industry-standard design software, therefore it’s not a surprise they have come up with a software platform known as Spark that defines the future of 3D printing. Both the Spark and the 3D printer are expected to make their debut later in the year. The printer will use a broad range of materials made by the company and other players, all in the aim of improving interoperability of the software, material suppliers and hardware.

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