Blacksmith Genesis Set to Launch on August 12th

Blacksmith Genesis

Blacksmith Group, a 3D printer manufacturing company based in Singapore, is set to launch a new 3D printer onto the market. Blacksmith Genesis is the first 3D printer from the company.

The Genesis is founded on the necessity for a home-based 3D fabricator. The printer is an all-in-one machine packed with a load-full of exciting features. It works as a 3D printer, a scanner and a copier.

Blacksmith Genesis is built with certain key features that separate it from other 3D printers in the market. The high level of innovation employed by the company is stimulated by Pui Tze Sian, Phd, the founder of the group and the incubation of the company at Nanyang Technological University (NTUitive).

Key features of Blacksmith Genesis

The printer is compact and measures 35 x 25 x 41 cm. It uses a rotary printing mechanism unlike most 3D printers, which use a Cartesian platform (XYZ). The rotary printing mechanism operates in a similar manner to a record player. It prints by continuously rotating the print platform in a clockwise direction and the extruder in a radial manner.

The motion system can only be compared to that of Helios One 3D printer that is yet to be released in the market. However, the functionality between the two printers is different. Blacksmith Genesis operates based on a fused deposition modeling mechanism while Helios is based on stereo lithography.

This design allows for printing of large objects since the distance to be moved by the extruder is reduced by half. The rotating platform is also perfect for integration with 3D scanning. With the 3D scanning capability, users can scan physical models as well as create 3D objects on the same platform.

Blacksmith Genesis SmallBlacksmith Genesis is designed with an in-built camera that can detect errors automatically during printing. The camera allows users to monitor and occasionally stop the printing process through their smartphone.

It is a plug and play device and requires a minimum of 10 minutes to install. It has a clear cylindrical printing stage that provides the user with an uninterrupted 180 degrees view.

The printer is packaged with free and simple designing software that is suitable for users with no extensive knowledge on 3D modeling. It is also compatible with a number of file types in the 3D printing industry, which can be connected directly through an SD card or USB.

According to the Mr. John Fang, CEO Blacksmith Group, Genesis users will not have to design original work using 3D software from scratch. The printer can scan and digitize a physical item that can be customized or used as a base for combining with other 3D objects.

The ability of the printer to print, scan and copy objects on a 3D platform is what makes it unique from other machines in the market. It generally steps out of the box and brings users unique features from the common technology used in most 3D printers.

The printer is expected to sell at an affordable price even though Blacksmith is yet to announce its price. With the Blacksmith Genesis set to launch on August 12 2014, 3D printing enthusiasts are set to explore the unique capabilities it brings to the market.

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