Cobblebot Little Monster Aims to Reduce Entry Cost for 3D Printing

There’s no shortage of entry-level 3D printers on the market, but most of them come with a price tag that’s not quite so entry-level friendly. One entrepreneur is set to change that with a new printer.

It sounds a little like one of our favorite Batman nemesis’s surnames, but the Cobblebot Little Monster is no friend to evil. In fact, it’s waging a war on behalf of the little guy, and bringing aspiring hobbyists something to crow about.

A Look under the Hood

Ok, there’s not much of a “hood” to the Cobblebot Little Monster. In fact, there’s not a lot there at all.

It’s small, tiny even. This is a true desktop 3D printer, and the designer created it to minimize its footprint while maximizing its capabilities.

It’s also designed to be easy on the wallet.

You might be familiar with the Cobblebot name. Inventor and designer Jeremiah Clifft has already launched a larger scale version of the printer.

You might have heard of him thanks to his success on Kickstarter, earning $275,000 in backing for his original printer. He’s back with a new design now and is looking to produce his micro printer.

The goal was to create an affordable 3D printer that still provided outstanding capabilities. To all appearances, he succeeded.

The Little Monster offers a 6 x 6 x 6 inch build area, but that can be expanded up to 10 x 10 x 10 if the operator chooses. It’s also easy to assemble.

The Little Monster is a 3D fused deposition modeling printer as well, and will use PLA and ABS as the primary printer filaments. Users can purchase an upgraded hotend to make use of other materials, including HDPE, nylon, flexible filament and PVA, as well as LayWood and polycarbonate.

The Little Monster measures just 12 x 12 x 12, which means it can fit just about anywhere. With a print speed of 30 – 60 mm/second and a speed increase available with the optional hotend, it’s no slowpoke, either.

It’s designed to work with Linux, Mac and Windows machines as well, and features both a USB connection and an SD card slot for delivering 3D designs for the printer.

Unlike other entry models on the market, the Little Monster can be assembled and calibrated in an hour or less. Most FDM 3D printers take about a day to put together and calibrate, making this one of the most user-friendly options out there.

Of course, the price doesn’t hurt. It costs just $199, well under the purchase price of even the closest competitors.

The low price doesn’t mean that users will have to sacrifice performance, though. In fact, the name “Little Monster” was chosen because the printer offered such aggressive, outstanding performance in a small package.

This 3D printer is not currently available on the market, but the Kickstarter campaign does give you the chance to buy your very own for just $199.

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