Go Big or Go Home with the New Printrbot Pro


Sure, 3D printing has advanced by leaps and bounds. Even in the home printing arena, we have access to new techniques, new filament materials and a great deal more.

However, one aspect of the industry has been very slow to change – the size of your build. Build volume has remained almost static (relatively speaking) particularly for hobbyist oriented printers.

That’s changing thanks to Brook Drumm, the founder and CEO of Printrbot.

What’s On Offer?

Drumm has announced a Kickstarter project for his latest creation, the Printrbot Pro, a large 3D printer designed to make it possible for small businesses and hobbyists (with the money) to print as almost as large as they want. The new printer will cost about $5,000, but it brings a lot of benefits to the table.

What should you know?

First, it’s aimed at people who can afford the price tag, which includes small business owners, as well as many at-home printers willing to make an investment in their printing technology. Even at $5,000, the Printrbot Pro is significantly less expensive than similar models on the market, many of which are double or even more the cost.

With that being said, it marks the most expensive printer the company has ever offered.

“I’ve wrestled with this monster for over a year. I built five prototypes from scratch and hated them all.

The last one was too ambitious with servos and ball screws. That last one printed beautifully after so much work, but I tore it down the next day and went back to the drawing board.

I hacked together a totally new design in a couple of days from spare parts lying around.”

The new printer is impressive, and delivers some serious capabilities. It offers a build volume of two cubic feet, for one. For another, it does that while still managing to deliver a heated print bed and using a dual extruder (all metal hotends).

It’s capable of using a wide range of different materials, and if you want, you can even get the bed enclosed. There’s an LCD panel for controls, as well as an SD card slot and LED lights.

Don’t expect to see this printer available on the market any time soon, though. In fact, you might have to wait a long time to get your mitts on one.

Drumm plans to offer the Printrbot Pro through a waiting list, and they’ll be manufactured one printer at a time according to demand. So, it’s sort of a first come, first served situation.

Depending on the interest it generates, that waiting list could get very long.

“I may actually interview the potential buyers to be sure of a good fit,” Drumm explained. “We hope to keep a slow, steady pace with this one since the market is presumably small.

I have a handful of clients already lining up. It will be really interesting to hear what people plan to do with them.

The shop is abuzz about what we all want to print on this thing. The next one we build is for me!”

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