New Printrbot 3D Printer Comes Fully Assembled


There’s no shortage of 3D printers on the market today. They range from cheap desktop options to massively expensive printers that could take up most of a room.

However, only a few come fully assembled, and of those that do, most come with a hefty price tag. The new Printrbot Play promises to break a few paradigms here.

What’s on offer from the company and is it right for your 3D printing needs? Let’s take a closer look.

The Printrbot Play

The new printer from Printrbot will be named “Play”, and the name is a definite nod to the plug and play concept. It’s all about ease of use, and that includes coming fully assembled.

You just need to remove it from the box, plug it in and you’re ready to go. It really does seem to be that simple.

It will also replace the company’s “Maker Kit”, and is designed to be one of the easiest to use entry-level 3D printers on the market. What’s it offer?

In terms of cost, you’ll find that the Play lives up to the company’s billing. It will cost just $399, which is pretty low for a fully assembled model with the features and capabilities offered.

What does the Play deliver? While a lot of it is still up in the air (the company really only announced that it would be offering the printer, with little fanfare or information), there are a few things known.

First, it will feature all metal construction for the best in durability. While that means the printer will be heavier than some of the plastic/metal combinations on the market, it should provide a longer lifespan.

Another benefit of the all-metal construction is that the printer will retain its calibration for longer periods. Lighter weight printers lose their calibration over a short time because of their flexibility the effects of vibration on their lightweight frames.

It will also feature a Mic Alu bed, according to Printrbot founder Brook Drumm. Finally, it will provide a print area of 100 x 100 x 130 mm, which is more than decently sized.

If you’re chomping at the bit to get your mitts on one of these new printers, you’ll sadly have to wait. The company has announced that it will arrive sometime this year, as well as the $399 price tag.

However, there’s so far no information about exactly when it will be available or what retailers will be carrying it.

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