New Retouch 3D Kickstarter Brings Cordless Finishing to Your 3D Printing


One of the problems with 3D printing is that the items you print aren’t really finished. They still need refining.

Any number of tools can help here, but none is exactly what you’d call a perfect solution. There’s a new Kickstarter project that promises to alleviate your woes in terms of finishing.

Dubbed Retouch 3D, this new accessory promises to help you make better things.

A Look at the Retouch 3D

Billed as being, “the world’s first heated tool to finish 3D prints, with variable heat and interchangeable heads, designed for specific 3D retouching tasks,” the Retouch 3D helps blend misprints, remove print errors and eliminate supports without the need for grinding or cutting.

The three main capabilities offered by the device are touted by the designers as “remove”, “refine” and “blend”. Removing supports can be a time-consuming and difficult task for makers, but Retouch 3D uses heated heads to easily and quickly remove them without the need for an X-Acto knife.

It “makes it easy to remove large support structures, as well as close-in structures that are hard to reach.”

In terms of refining, it “will allow you to refine both small and large layer imperfections” using a micro refiner head for ultra-fine work and attention to detail. Finally, the blending tip allows you to “even out print surfaces and infill gaps, as well as blend the extraneous ridged surfaces of your 3D print to reach the finish your model deserves.”

The Retouch 3D is a handheld device that works on the same principle as a soldering iron or a wood burner, but it’s cordless, and actually recharges via USB. Essentially, it heats a central post.

Different heads can be attached, allowing you to achieve different results depending on your needs. The designers state that it’s compatible with both PLA and ABS, as well as with resin, so there’s definitely a wide range of applications here.

Currently, the designers offer five different heads. These include a macro remover, which resembles an X-Acto blade, a micro remover for smaller, more detailed work, a macro refiner, a micro refiner and a blender head.

In terms of rewards, there are quite a few to choose from. The lowest tier is a single $1 donation, which gets you exclusive online access to updates, videos and other information. For $99 or more, you can become a beta tester (you’ll receive a beta tool, not the finished product).

A donation of $149 gets you the “super early bird unit”, which also includes a set of five tips. $179 gets you the unit, a set of tips and a downloadable file for printing the base unit.

$278 gets you everything mentioned above and $399 adds beta program enrollment to the perks in the previous tier.

If you’re interested in helping the designers bring this creation to life, you can back the project here. They’ve already exceeded their $30,000 goal, but there are several slots left in the limited availability reward tiers.

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