3D Printing Courses

Technicians and business leaders in the UK now have something to smile about, with ObjectForm and QA teaming up to launch an educational program and skills group to distribute 3D printing courses within the country.

They have realised that, as technology progresses, 3D printing will play a major role in future of just about every industry. Its adoption rates are rising and more companies are beginning to consider an investment in this new generation printing.

According to ObjectForm, there will be an extraordinary need for programs and educators related to this field be dispatched within the UK in order to help instill necessary skills to technicians and business leaders, and meet the strong demand of the tremendous increase in number of jobs in the 3D printing industry.

QA, which is an England-based company leading in providing training and education in the UK, will be the ones to take up the job.

Scott Knowles, the Director of ObjectForm, says that there is little information in terms of how 3D printing can impact businesses. This, he continues, made him to partner with QA in order to provide courses to technicians and business owners and help them understand how 3D printing works and how it can change their lives.

The courses expected to be offered will be four, ranging in length from 1day to 5 days a piece. It will run from October 10th to 14th at London and Leeds training centers of QA. Other future classes will be announced as soon as it’s possible.

One of the courses will be advanced 3D printing. It will be geared towards technicians who have some background experience in the field. The students will be given hands-on-experience when it comes to printing their own objects.

Students will also go through a one day course covering the fundamentals of 3D printing. This will mostly focus towards beginners who have little to no experience in the field. It will provide the basic overview of what the industry entails and the general capabilities of the technology.

The third course will be Business opportunities and impacts of 3D printing. This one targets business leaders who wish to have a better understanding how this new printing technology can impact their businesses. It will also be a one-day course and also aimed at those who have little to no past knowledge within the industry.

The fourth and the last course will be about understanding 3D printing. It will run for three days and will target those who have some knowledge within the industry, and wish to have a more specific overview of what 3D printing entails, and what it has to offer. Here students will learn how to use the printer and the controlling the design software that’s created for modeling.

According to Andrian Jakeman, Head of IT training in QA, this new and exciting technology will, without a doubt, revolutionalise manufacturing process and significantly impact many industries as well as domestic consumers. He continued and said that 3D printing will serve as another component in the engine of today’s circular economy. The training of technicians and business leaders will help in reaching the rapidly growing demand of this technology not only in the UK, but the world at large.

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