Samsung Enters 3D Printing Field (And More)


Samsung is no stranger to innovative technology. The company is responsible for a number of firsts, primarily in the smartphone and tablet arena, but let’s not forget their VR rig and other developments.

Now, the technology giant is taking things further, and announced the launch of an “innovation team” that will focus on 3D printing, as well as VR and robotics.

What’s Going On?

At one point, 3D printing innovation was largely the realm of individuals, inventors and startups. That’s changing, though.

HP was one of the first major companies to start eyeing the 3D printing space, but they won’t be the last. Now, Samsung wants in on this burgeoning industry.

The new announcement comes from the Korean Times, and states that Samsung is creating a dedicated team of independent researchers. This team will focus on developing new technology.

VR and robotics are two of the team’s focuses, but 3D printing will also be an area. Others include autonomous vehicles and drones.

According to the company’s official announcement to reporters, “Given the significance of the team, members will have more authority and independence because the main purpose of the team isn’t to develop single devices for any imminent results, but to develop solutions to go with Samsung’s manufacturing capabilities.” In plain English, that means the team will have a lot of autonomy, and will explore possibilities that might at some point become future products, but will not focus on anything that will result in filling an immediate need on the market.

So, innovators, individuals and startups are safe from the tech giant for the moment.

Another announcement from the company states that, “Samsung is accelerating efforts to collaborate with governments and is putting more focus on developing solutions embedded with our components and technologies.” Look for them to get into the Internet of Things (possibly via 3D printing), as well as intelligent vehicle design.

What Does It Mean for the Future?

What Samsung’s announcement means for the future of 3D printing is anyone’s guess. However, the company has proven that it has the capabilities, dedication and skill to develop products that anticipate market needs well in advance of those needs being filled by competitors.

The company is also trying to position itself ahead of rivals like Apple. Samsung still leads the market in a number of consumer electronics areas, but it’s lead is diminishing, and its brand perception is also falling as more and more consumers gravitate toward perceived quality rather than cash savings (Apple’s design finesse is beginning to outpace Samsung’s affordable manufacturing).

One of the big hopes here is that Samsung will bring additional innovation to the realm of 3D printing, including new developments in 3D printer technology that make these devices easier to use, more affordable, and more accessible to everyone. That’s been the company’s hallmark in virtually every area they’ve entered, so it stands to reason that’s what we’ll see in 3D printing down the road. Of course, we’ll all just have to wait and see what happens.

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