Take Your 3D Printing on the Go: The TeeBot 3D Printer


3D printers have decreased in size considerably. Desktop models are downright compact compared to what was available only a few short years ago.

However, they’re not really portable. One inventor is looking to change that, though.

Emmanuel Adututu of the Netherlands recently launched the Kickstarter for his TeeBot, a completely self-contained, portable 3D printer that looks pretty darn cool. What’s it all about?

Getting on the Road

So, what’s so cool about the TeeBot? Well, if the portability factor isn’t enough to make you salivate, then how about the fact that it’s all packed into a single metal suitcase, a la Get Smart.

But, wait. Adututu is no stranger to the world of 3D printing development. He created (and successfully launched via crowdfunding) the TeeBoxMax, which is a foldable, portable 3D printer.

The TeeBot is even smaller than its predecessor, and as mentioned, it’s contained in a single suitcase.

“I needed a 3D printer that I could travel and take around everywhere, so I started working on the design of TeeBot 3D printer, making it foldable and not compromising the print quality,” Emmanuel said. “The result is a simple, foldable 3D printer in a suitcase that can produce high-quality 3D prints from directly within the suitcase.

I hope you like the design and enjoy building and using one as much as I do!”

You read that correctly. The TeeBot is foldable.

It fits in a suitcase. It prints from WITHIN the suitcase.

You just open it up, plug everything in and you’re off and running. There’s nothing more to it than that.

Wondering what components go into the printer’s design? Here’s a quick rundown:

  • Lite6 all-metal hotend
  • RepRap ALU heatbed MK3
  • Marlin firmware

PLA is what Emmanuel recommends, but the printer is capable of working with ABS or almost any other flexible filament you might want to use (so long as it can print under 260 degrees – anything higher than that won’t work). It features a print capacity of 20 cm x 16 cm x 20 cm (the largest possible item that can be printed) and it’s capable of delivering up to .1 mm resolution.

Print speed maxes out at 140 mm per second.

If you’re concerned about portability or the space the printer will take up when it’s open, don’t be. It’s still compact, despite being so capable.

When closed, it measures just 550 mm x 400 mm x 250 mm. Open it up for printing and it’s 550 mm x 400 mm x 500 mm. That’s still compact enough for use almost anywhere.

Plus you get to look awesome with your all-metal suitcase.

For those interested in backing the Kickstarter, the supply lines are in place already as Emmanuel wants to ensure that his backers get their printers quickly. “We have communicated with all of our suppliers and they are ready to ship the parts we need.

The delivery and shipping has been estimated and we have received and tested many samples.”

If you want to throw your money behind this printer, you can do so here.

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