TRiBOT 3-in-1 Machine Closing in on Goal on Kickstarter

There’s a wide range of processes involved in manufacturing and design – injection molding, CNC milling, and 3D printing are three of the most complimentary of those, certainly.

However, up until now, you had to have some serious cash, and enough space to accommodate some major machinery if you wanted to do all three in one place.

That might end soon if the TRiBOT All in One crowdfunding campaign is successful. It’s a Kickstarter project with a goal of $30,000, and it’s set to end on November 1, so time is essential to get your funds behind this machine.

What’s Does the TRiBOT Do?

It might be better to ask what it doesn’t do – the TRiBOT is everything you’ve ever dreamed of in a creation and design machine.

It’s the world’s “first 3-in-1 powerful and versatile multi-tool machine that offers 3D printing, CNC milling an automatic injection molding capabilities,” according to Luminar Products, LLC, the company behind the Kickstarter project.

It’s an exciting prospect, and you might have seen It on Geeky Gadgets, or featured in 3D Printing Magazine.

Luminar Products, LLC touts the TRiBOT as “the ultimate tool for creators with great ideas who don’t have access to the multiple machines, tools and technology needed to bring their ideas to life.”

It’s built on a solid metal frame weighing 130 lbs., so it’s no lightweight. That heft provides stability throughout all three processes.

It also features the capabilities of both a CNC mill and a manual mill, combined with cutting-edge 3D printing.

While the TRiBOT is not the first multifunction machine to come to market, other competitors are printers that offer a basic milling function.

Luminar Products reversed that, creating a mill that also prints and molds. As such, it fills the gap between light-duty 3D printers and heavy-duty industrial machinery, bringing the best of both worlds to creators and business owners.

Despite its heft, the TRiBOT is a desktop model, and fits easily into virtually any workspace, from a shop to a home office or even a living room, making it simpler and easier for creators to print, mold and mill materials ranging from plastic to solid steel.

The design is a retrofitted bench-top machine with added practical automated functions. Where other machines claim milling capabilities but deliver only extremely light-duty performance, the TRiBOT excels in industrial-capacity milling, allowing creators to design and mill tools, automotive components and anything else from raw steel.

Backers will find that the machine comes with everything needed to operate the machine, including a monitor and onboard computer. The entire setup (machine and monitor) requires one square yard of space, and it can also be ordered mounted on a steel work cart with wheels for easy moving. Alternatively, it can be ordered with a workbench.

In the end, the TRiBOT is an innovative creation that does an amazing job of bringing together three previously disparate worlds.


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