World’s First 3D Printed Car

3D Printed Car

It finally happened! The much-anticipated 3D printed car made its debut this past Saturday in a showroom at International Manufacturing Show in Chicago.

Not many imagined 3D printing would be employed in areas that are so far unexplored, but Local Motors, the company behind this incredible feat gave inspirations to many other companies worldwide with the release of the first 3D printed car.

The name given to this electric-powered car is Strati. The team at Local Motors decided they want to make a car that’s composed of fewer parts and has low maintenance; giving users peace of mind should something break and require replacing.

If such a case was to occur, then they will only have to print the broken parts and easily fit them in.

People who witnessed the showcasing of this amazing technology incorporated in a vehicle on Saturday agree that it’s a significant step towards a world where 3D printing is a key part of production, customer service and delivery, and not just product photocopying.

The whole idea behind the creation of this vehicle is to show the viability of this kind of technology, which many people wouldn’t have even imagined could ever be a possible.

What baffled many, however, is the fact that this first 3D printed car only took 44 hours from start to finish during the International manufacturing technology show that was held in Chicago for six days. People even had the opportunity to watch it as it was being printed and assembled, then later started up without any presenting problems what so ever.

In terms of features and performance, Strati will come with a top speed of 40mph and a battery range of 120- 150 miles.

Whilst both the body and the chassis are 3D printed, the seats, tires, battery, wheels, suspension, wiring, window shield and electric motor will be made using conventional methods. The printer used here to produce the very first 3D printed car is said to print parts in sizes up to 3ft x 5ft x 10ft.

Local motors will offer its 3D printed cars for sale to all interested parties at around 11,000pounds - 18,000 pounds for every single vehicle.

The process of buying the vehicle will be faster and less costly, and driving it will definitely be more-environmental friendly. However, this firs car won’t be for sale until the company’s engineers make more in the coming few months.

According to the Arizona-based Local Motors, this ground breaking car aims to change the way vehicles are manufactured today and in the future. According to their website, the 3D printed car will have only 40 parts compared to a normal vehicle which has 20,000 parts or more. Its body and chassis will be made from just a mere push of a button.

The 6-day International Manufacturing Technology Show 2014 was completed with a historic drive of what many would say it is impossibility.

As soon as the coming few months we will witness the sale of first 3D printed vehicles on our roads. They will be electric-powered and have a top speed of 40mph, according to the makers. The batteries will have a range of around 120-150 miles per charge and will also be available for sale with the vehicle.

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